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Perpetual Scofflaws: Jumana Manna interviewed by ma ma
C Magazine Spring 2023


*upcoming, 2023

ma ma at The Table: A Diaspora Cookbook

Book published with Art Metropole

*publication now available:

A Big Heritage With A Glorious Past

Exhibition catalogue published with Critical Distance Centre for Curators is now available!

Full details can be found here



September 1, 2021 

A program for Virtual Care Lab (Los Angeles) by ma ma and the artist Laurie Kang. Bread provides a series of prompts as starting points for gathering together in a way that embraces intimacy while holding space for discomfort after months of isolation. This program will occur in multiple spaces and times throughout the day on Sunday August 1st, 2021, and can be run by anyone at anytime. 

Bread is a free, fragmented, in-person program. The readings are suggestions, and what is read together can be decided collectively by each group, and participants are welcome to bring additional readings to share. If your group is unable to gather in person, you can meet online, read aloud together and share stories and feelings about the foods you are eating.

Fast Forward: Speculative Institutions

ma ma | in residence at Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art

April 12 - June 28, 2021

Three events with Claire Bishop, Chaédria LaBouvier, and ma ma

A Big Heritage With A Glorious Past

Eleana Antonaki and Marina Xenofontos

Critical Distance Centre for Curators, Toronto

Feb 13-Mar 29, 2020

Opening reception: February 13, 6-9pm

ma ma in conversation with Eleana Antonaki Mar 11, 7pm

In The Air

Steffani Jemison and Julia Phillips 

October 19 - November 12, 2018

Opening reception - Wed October 17, 6-9pm

Artist talk with Steffani Jemison - Sat November 3, 5pm

Slay All Day

Tanya Lukin Linklater

September 21 - October 15, 2018

Opening reception - Thurs September 20, 6-9pm

Artist talk with Tanya Lukin Linklater - Fri September 21, 6pm

Artist talk with Camille Rojas - Thurs October 4, 7pm


Eleana Antonaki, Nomaduma Rosa Masilela, Sofia Mesa

August 24 - September 17, 2018

Opening reception - Thurs August 23, 6-9pm

Artist talk with Sofia Mesa - Thurs Sept 6, 7pm

For Paradise

Elizabeth M. Webb

July 13 - August 20, 2018

Opening reception Thursday July 12, 6-9pm

Artist talk Sunday August 19, 5pm

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